Rachel L. Feldman, a Partner Emeritus at The Moran Company, directs projects that cover a wide range of payment policy issues across the health care sector. She directs the firm’s work on post-acute care, skilled nursing, end-stage renal disease, bundling, and other areas of health system reform. She also works with clients concerned with the outpatient hospital and ambulatory surgery center payment system, and with pharmaceutical and device industry clients. She provides leadership on designing research projects that describe patterns of care for target populations for specific services, and uses research findings to project opportunities and issues likely to emerge in future years around payment and health system reforms. She has worked in Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance environments and systems and is conversant with many of the clinical and operational issues providers face in adaptation to changes in payment systems.

Prior to joining The Moran Company, Rachel was an independent consultant and entrepreneur after leaving The Lewin Group where she served as a Vice President for 11 years. At The Lewin Group, Rachel directed a large practice that specialized in conducting complex studies of national and regional change in health care systems. She worked with national and regional foundations, federal and state agencies, and private health care system clients. Her work addressed access to health care, improving health care delivery, and management of health care delivery systems and included development of innovative methodologies to integrate quantitative and qualitative data to provide more powerful explanations and rigorous descriptions of change.

Rachel served as the Chief Operating Officer for a Minnesota non-profit health care company and functioned as an active advocate for health care and mental health providers and consumers in Minnesota. She also held positions involving business development and design of quality assurance methodologies and systems in hospitals, clinics, behavioral health and long term care companies.

Rachel has a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of California, Santa Cruz, completed doctoral work except for dissertation at Stanford University in Philosophy of Science and Education, and holds a Masters in Public Administration from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.