Donald Moran will serve in an emeritus role at The Moran Company

Donald W. Moran, founder of the health policy consulting and analytics firm bearing his name, is retiring from the company and moving to emeritus status as of April 1, 2021. Moran has spent nearly 50 years as a vital part of the health policy community, and nearly 23 years as the head of The Moran Company.

Before starting the company in 1998, Moran held an extensive career in the federal government and private sector. Originally arriving to D.C. in 1977, Moran served as legislative assistant to his congressman U.S. Representative David Stockman (R-MI) on budget and economic policy issues. As Stockman ascended to become director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) under President Ronald Reagan, he appointed Moran to serve as executive associate director of budget where he managed the federal government’s budget process and analysis. After his government service, Moran worked with a number of private consulting companies, including the Lewin Group as a senior partner and chief financial officer. From there, he went on to establish the Moran Company to provide advisory and analytic services to clients actively engaged in health care policy debates in Washington, D.C.

Through the years, Moran has played a role in the development of key policies, including the Medicare Drug benefit, the establishment of the TRICARE health system, and major legislative, regulatory, and tax policies. He touched countless other areas where his analyses of the budgetary impact of legislative and regulatory changes aided policymakers and other stakeholders seeking to improve coverage in Medicare, Medicaid, and other health policy programs. Known for his deep understanding of the details with an ever-present consideration for the larger picture, Moran helped clients navigate the complicated American health care system for nearly four decades.

Today, The Moran Company specializes in research and consulting projects that require in-depth knowledge of both sides of the boundary between the public and private sectors in health care. The Moran Company’s analysts help clients evaluate the complex policy and technical issues that arise in health care regulation and reimbursement.

Over the years, Moran’s love to teach has resulted in a complement of Moran Company staff members with deep knowledge of the underpinnings of current policy debates and controversies. With Moran moving to an advisory role, the firm will continue, managed by Kevin Kirby, who joined the company more than 20 years ago, and a cadre of other partners and staff who worked with Moran for a decade or more. Kevin heads the firm’s drug and biotechnology practice. Rachel Kramer leads projects related to coverage, coding and physician payment issues. Clare Mamerow specializes in new technology and hospital reimbursement issues. Mark Desmarais leads the company’s budget scoring and data analytics. And Sara Hodgson manages data acquisition, human resources and company administration.